Well, Diki that just about says it all really.

I can only shake my head at that outburst.

A bit sad to hear someone usually so erudite succumb to the baser instincts of revenge and spite.

I truly do read all of your posts and 99% of the time you do make good sense and for what it's worth, 99% of the time I agree with you.

But only when your posts are relevant to the topic at hand. Thats all I have said, stick to the topic.

Now this is an observation NOT a criticism but your latest post on Nick G's thread is an example, instead of just giving a simple reply to his original question you go "hijacking" it firstly with your personal opinion about MIDI in general and then you espouse the virtues of the Roland G70???

What do either of those have to do with "using an arranger with a sound module"
that give Nick the answers and advice from other users he was looking for.

Man, you have really go to get a bit of a reality check, and perhaps remember the adage "people in glass houses should not be the first to cast stones".

I have made my opinion on this perfectly clear with my previous posts, any further comment is now unneccessary.

Time to move on.