I was reading the last couple of posts in the Tyros Its Coming Soon Thread http://www.synthzone.com/ubbs/Forum37/HTML/017765.html and I just wanted to get this out of that and into a thread of its own.

It seems to me that people never seem to want to use the specific forums set up by Nigel for discussions on the various brands or topics like...
Recording-PC Software-Hardware-Sampling- a Dedicated Classifieds section (why people keep posting for sale ads in the GA forum is beyoned me)- Sequencing and Styles..etc etc

Perhaps Nigel should save some $'s on bandwidth and JUST have the GA forum by itself?

It also seems that "forumistas" just want to "Air" their opinions and knowledge on the forum with the biggest "audience".

I have a feeling that certain posters who tend to "pontificate" and post in-depth posts that are more akin to a soapbox in the corner park, would not post these expansive views in the other "less-frequented forums" if no-one was going to read them. Hell, there's no fun or recognition in that is there!!

No, these folks post them where they can get the biggest audience hit.

I believe this is why these posts get hijacked so much, because everyone wants everyone else to see their opinion, and hell, why waste it on a forum that NO-ONE visits

And really, citing the fact that this is the "general arranger" forum is a just a bit too glib and simplistic for me..threads should not be hijacked to satisfy the egos of posters.

Either make comments DIRECTLY related to the OTP, don't say anything, OR start a new thread. You could even link your new thread back to the original if you wanted to, but lets not keep bogging down threads with useless and totally irrelevant information.