Originally posted by miden:
Its nothing to do with Nigel, you should be able to control your urges Diki.

EXCUSE ME.... It's nothing to do with Nigel...?

It's Nigel's forum, NOT YOURS. Nigel is the ONLY person on this forum that has ANY right to tell other members what they can and cannot post, where they can post it, and where they can't.

If you can't understand this simple concept, I suggest you look up the term 'moderator', and realize you are NOT one, Dennis. You, like I, are a 'member' here, one of many.

Only forum decorum keeps me from telling you where to put your insulting suggestions, but as of now, I suggest the 'back' button, if you don't want to read further...

Your entire reply to my post was a series of instructions as to what I should and shouldn't do. Well, my megalomaniacal friend, I have absolutely no intention of paying you any more attention, than you pay me. Period.

Get your own forum, my dear Fürher, and you can play God there. Around here, you're just mortal, like the rest of us...

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