Sorry, Freddy, but those two stats are not related.

94db is how loud the thing can possibly go, regardless of frequency. In fact, you would definitely blow the thing up attempting to get an 80hz tone up to 94db (which is pretty loud). You'll get that figure from a predominantly mid-ranged signal, a full range signal (such as an arranger) will break up LONG before that figure is reached....

Frequency stats are usually given in a xxHz-xxkHz + or - xdb format, meaning it can cope with frequencies over a given range, with a certain amount of drop-off at the extremes. The greater the amount of drop-off (if even given) means how well or poorly it performs at those extremes.

Likewise with max volume stats. A max db, without corresponding distortion figures is equally meaningless. SURE, it can go to 94db... but how distorted is it by the time it gets there?

Generally, anytime you see a manufacturer post figures that don't qualify his stats, you can pretty much be assured that in the REAL world, it cannot even remotely approach those figures.

Caveat emptor