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80-18kHz doesn't mean a thing until it is matched with the db figures for the same.

It could mean flat from 80-18k (very unlikely) it could mean 80-18k at -3db, it could mean 80-18k at -9db... (all utterly different in sound).

Don't let specs fool you. They are just like statistics. Easily bent to display what the vendor WANTS you to think.

94db max starting at 80hz (see specs)

I know I take a risk, but small since the price is very low...

I don't need a sparkling low tone on the monitor, but I need a monitor capable of producing the low tones of the vr760 sound without distortion, so that the middle tones come out audible instead of distorted.
Starting at 80hz instead of 200hz will give a higher chance that this will work.

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