Thanks so far for all the comments.
Keep them coming as it seems there are no options in europe..

Fender 1270 all over BUT no 1270P, apparantly there's no 220 volt model.

Galaxy Hotspot no powered model in stock..
UK has them, but since there's some water between UK and the Netherlands the trip costs more as the monitor..

Tried almost all other brands I could think of and there's no other small powered monitor model.

I really need one as it will also serve very well in small places where there's not enough room. We just use our backline in these places, which means I use a keyboard amp and often standing almost above the keyboard amp. Stacking is no option since I have my Fender Twin on top of the keyboard amp. To hear something from the keyboard amp I send a line thru the Twin in these cases but while switching guitar/KB I often forget to switch any other Models/Brands ????

Keyboards/Sound Units: Kurzweil 2600S, Roland VR-760, Acces Virus C, Roland G-800, Akai AX60, Minimoog, Machine Drum, Roland R8-M, mediastation x-76