I don't necesary need the sampler and aftertouch from 8k. What is important to me are the sounds of piano, guitars, sax, flutes, trompets, acordions. 3k has amasing quality of this sounds and I like it. 8k hasn't the same quality of this sounds because it is from 1997 (so spalding, your 8k is 8 years old) and 3k is from Tyros generation of 2004. Maybe I will can get 3k with less than $1600.00 (EU1300) from Spain.

I know Korg PA80/60/50. I like the sounds and styles but i don't like the LCD. PA50 don't has the optional HDD. Since 2001, PA80 was my favorite keyboard till 2003 when it released PA1X/Pro. So, now the best for me is 3000, I guess. I have a frend who has 8000.I will try to see and hear it.

So, spalding, did you succeed to record some demos and convert to mp3 ?