The manual is on its way. Like i said listen to the two keyboards and make up your own mind.

4 part styles plus Break and 3 intros and 3 endings.( Can all be created yourself using separate registrations accessible by thetouch of a button and tweeaking existing styles or creating your own )
4. Better operating system.( in what respect ?)
5. USB and Smart Media memory - easy to interface with computer.(there is a host direct connection cable for the PSR8000, does similar job as USB and i have a hard drive on mine which i have had for 10 years and i have not half filled its capacity)
6. Much better styles.( thats debateable)
7. Music Finder Database. ( useful for what kind of musician? El plays in church setting for worship, this function has limited if any value to him but he can decide for himself)
8. Lighter weight ( thats the truth !)But built to last. The build quality of the PSR3000 is toyish.just my opinion though )

9. Video out.( serves no practical purpose whatsoever to a musician )

However the Psr3000 has no aftertouch which for any type of synth is a major limitation and no sampler which El has already mentioned is of interest.

Dont buy something just because its newer EL . Go try the keyboards and report back