Have you actually played the psr 8000 ?tried its vocaliser? Have you heard the eps on the psr 8000 ? What is really "crazy" is trying to express an opinion on the two boards if you have not actually herad both boards.... I have spent time with both keyboards and so am able to make a comparrison. Its just my opinion though.However i have been looking for a reason to upgrade since 2000 and i am probably one of the most annoying customers a shop could have. I dont buy hype. I buy instruments that are worth the increment in price for a comparable increment in value.

I use my 8000 for similar purposes to EL so i am looking at it as an appropriate arranger for his use in worship and general playing. Read ELs post again and then actually listen to a psr8000 . If i understand his post correctly he wants to know which is better for him the psr 8000 or the 3000. The 3000 in the uk costs around 1000 and the 8000 around 500.

If no aftertouch, no sampler are not important and EL finds that the sound quality difference merrits the extra expense then go forit EL

But i amnot crazy. Thre views i have expressed are from a valid stand point.