If you want great key feel, buy an 88-key digital piano.

If you want a great arranger, you'd have to get the PSR3000.

Can anyone else here who has played both the PSR3000 and the PSR8000 say that it is debatable that the PSR3000's styles are better? That's ridiculous.

4 parts, 3 intros, 3 endings, and a break, made with better voices, and better production techniques.

If you have the PSR3000, and you can get a hold of the styles from the Tyros, CVP209, and the PSR90000, you have about 350 great styles with four parts and OTS.

I think the PSR3000's keys are pretty good. Maybe that is one of the very few areas that the PSR3000 is slightly inferior to the PSR8000.

If you want an arranger keyboard - that means that you want accompaniment, it would be crazy to choose the PSR8000 over the PSR3000 unless price were an object.

Vocalizer. If the PSR8000's vocalizer is similar to the PSR740 which came a year later, then it sucks compared to the PSR3000.

With the PSR8000 you don't get the Live! Piano. Come on! Are you crazy? You don't get that Sweet! Soprano Sax, the Cool! Organs, the Sweet! Harmonica, Live! Strings, Cool! Electric Pianos.

It's just insane to compare these keyboards. Those who know me on this forum know that I am normally not subject to hyperbole.

I am a gigging musician who plays the PSR3000. I'm definitely not in the big leagues, but I support myself and my family playing the PSR3000. I pay for the mortgage, the two cars, sock money away for retirement, and have a little money left over for a modest two week vacation with the PSR3000. With 9 months of performing every day, I can attest that the PSR3000 is no toy.