I owned an X1, and I sold it because I had a lot of technical problems with it. I think I had to send mine back three times before they sent me one that worked. I had problems with the amplification system which were more serious than distorting. The X1's volume would turn off in the middle of playing after about 30 minutes of play. Then I had problems with keys vibrating. And once after being repaired, I received the X1 with a foreign object under one of the keys so it made a clank sound when I pressed several keys. I never found out what that was. Once, when I received the X1 back from repair, I was taking it out of the box, and the box tipped sideways onto my thick padded carpet, not hard at all, but just enough so that when I took out the X1 there were about 8 screws on my carpet. The mechanic who had worked on my X1 didn't bother to put in the screws all the way. Also, my first vocalizer kit didn't work properly and my first 13 switch footpedal didn't work properly either. The X1 is an amazing keyboard, but be careful. In the end, I had a perfect keyboard, and I mostly sold it because I needed the money, but I did have a bad taste in my mouth at the end.