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X1 PEOPLE/USERS/OWNERS - 12/11/00 08:32 PM

My local dealer has given me an X1 to try for a few days. I am more than impressed! Did not think I would like it as much as I do (just sold my I30)Question? Does anyone find it a little noisey? Some gain out of the speakers when you crank up the volume? I also notice some distortion(slight) with certain sounds ie: Jazz Organ, DX Piano? What is your opinion of the Grand Piano and the other acoustic piano sounds? Any other info you can give me will be appreciated. By the way the styles are, overall, the best I have heard.

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Re: X1 PEOPLE/USERS/OWNERS - 12/12/00 06:46 AM

I owned an X1, and I sold it because I had a lot of technical problems with it. I think I had to send mine back three times before they sent me one that worked. I had problems with the amplification system which were more serious than distorting. The X1's volume would turn off in the middle of playing after about 30 minutes of play. Then I had problems with keys vibrating. And once after being repaired, I received the X1 with a foreign object under one of the keys so it made a clank sound when I pressed several keys. I never found out what that was. Once, when I received the X1 back from repair, I was taking it out of the box, and the box tipped sideways onto my thick padded carpet, not hard at all, but just enough so that when I took out the X1 there were about 8 screws on my carpet. The mechanic who had worked on my X1 didn't bother to put in the screws all the way. Also, my first vocalizer kit didn't work properly and my first 13 switch footpedal didn't work properly either. The X1 is an amazing keyboard, but be careful. In the end, I had a perfect keyboard, and I mostly sold it because I needed the money, but I did have a bad taste in my mouth at the end.
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I also own an X1 but without any of Beakybird's problems. Everything works as it should be. Piano sounds of X1, though decent, IMO are a little too short. Yes the amplification of X1 is noisy when the volume is set too low (same thing for headphone output as well). The volume of X1 at least has to be set around the middle to lessen the perception of noise. X1 speakers somehow need exercise/warm-up before they produce decent sounds and their low frequency reproduction is not that good (do not have deep bass like the Yamaha PSR9000). I like X1's FM piano (not the DXs), very warm and sweet, better than the ones I heard from Yamaha and Roland (personal taste only). X1 has excellent Saxophone sounds, very real when played properly. X1 styles are very exciting, but need a bit of modifications to tone down for quieter, easy listening music. I like the way X1's control on setup of manual bass and other instruments (switch between full arranger on mode and drums-bass-solo-only manual mode is extremely easy, very flexible for live playing). However, I wish Solton also included mutli-pad functions like the ones with Yamaha PSR-9000 for even lifelier performance. I guess we cannot have everything with one keyboard.

Paul Ip
from Texas
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Hi JC,

You are very right !
Not all is 'perfect' and YES :
The headphone amp is very noisy
The E-piano sounds (almost) all have some distortion, even when playing softly.
The mic-amp is noisy too

The items however are only tiny 'problems' and show up while playing at home.
On stage the X1 is the best one I've had/heard ever !!

I'm a proud owner since > 1.5 year and still am impressed.

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Hello ,
You may want to play with the EQ a little . If you have an X1 with the hard drive then there are more piano sounds stored in folder #1 . There are also more pianos under the user voice as well as bank 1 and 2 . Have you received any of the super solo's ? These are even more improved paino sounds as well . I haven't had any complaints about noise . Make sure your using good cables . Many people buy a $2500 to $3000.00 keyboard and then use a $10.00 cable . Good Luck Dan O
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I thought the same thing about my X1 at first. I was using the master volume at about 1 or two on a scale of ten and then turning up my PA. I now set the X1 to a little over middle and turn down the gain on the PA. That fixed most of the noise problems. I even sent it in to Solton only to find out it was me.

The pianos are OK, sax, flutes, organs very good. I've had none of the other problems experienced by Beakybird. From reading his posts I feel that Beakybird bought his X1 with negative feelings and reservations right from the start.

Everytime I quit playing I walk away with a smile on my face. I love that keyboard. It is sooo cool.

Try a little "The Christmas Song" on style A14, or "Spooky" with style A53 or "Mellow Yellow" on style A52 varations A and B.

I'm having a ball with mine.

Posted by: Clif Anderson

Re: X1 PEOPLE/USERS/OWNERS - 12/13/00 06:20 AM

Hi Paul and others

It seems to me you must have tried the various solutions to reducing noise on the Solton X1. Once you have this optimized, how does the X1 compare with other high-end keyboards?

P.S. I would not want to use one keyboard for live work and another for recording. It would be nice to have digital out. I noted that Yamaha is making mLan available for the S80. If this in on a plug-in, then it might be available for the 9000Pro. Then again, not all plug-ins are compatible with the 9000Pro, as we have learned with the vocal harmony card.
Posted by: Paul Ip

Re: X1 PEOPLE/USERS/OWNERS - 12/13/00 02:21 PM


As Tom and I pointed out the X1 sounds much better when its master volume slider is at least half or more of full volume scale. Recording with X1's analog outputs is fine and there is only one generation loss due to A/D conversion. If you set your eyes on Yamaha 9000Pro I think that it is better supported in the digital domain than X1 if in fact there will be an mLan plug-in for it. I tested Yamaha PSR9000 and found that it has much cleaner sounds than X1, more suitable for studio recording. From this I infer that its Pro version that has plug-in capability to be even better - I have no doubt about it. As for harmonizer plug-in since 9000Pro already has a built-in unit, it is a waste of money to buy another one and so it is reasonable not to count the harmonizer board as one of its plug-ins. I have yet to find a keyboard with all the features that I like though - Roland JV expansion sounds with Yamaha PSR user-friendly interface, Solton's in your face styles, manual controls and quality GM playback, and Korg I30's real hardware sliders. I guess you cannot have them all in one keyboard.

Paul Ip
from Texas
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Re: X1 PEOPLE/USERS/OWNERS - 12/13/00 03:14 PM

Hi Paul

I think you were not yet active in the forum when the reasons for a VH board for an arranger with vocal harmony came up. A vocal harmony effect could be used with "natural" samples to give them an extended useful pitch range, without giving up the harmonizer for voice. It would be like having Variphrase and vocal harmony on the same keyboard.

Your "ideal" or at least "desired" keyboard is very close to mine. I do want polyphonic aftertouch, though; it seems the most natural way to get expression from a keyboard. In fact, I once read and saw pictured a keyboard with two-dimensional polyphonic aftertouch.

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Re: X1 PEOPLE/USERS/OWNERS - 12/13/00 07:57 PM

Nello Cliff,
I have been using the X1 for the last 18 months. Recording with the X1 is fantastic. The sounds are much more natural then any of the Japanese manufacturers . The vocal harmony lit on the X1 is Much better on the X1 vs. Yamaha. Have you heard the keyboard's side by side ? I will be demonstrating the X1 and new SD1 at the NAMM show in Anneheim, California this January 2001 . I also happen to work for Guitar Center in Towson, Maryland . 30 day trial period with any keyboard purchase ! Try the X1....If you don't like then return it or..Purchase the PSR 9000 ! Good Luck and email me at oneils4@home.com or Call Guitar Center at 410-821-5200 .......
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I would like to thank everyone for the response!I agree with all your positive comments and welcome your suggestions!
This is the first Arranger KB I've had(and I have had a few over the past 20yrs.)that has so many usable styles!They really are fun to play with. I used the optional outs(L&R 3)with Bass out 3 & Kick out 3, what a treat! Really makes the sound KICK A--! To reduce noise on the Bass/Kick channel on my mixer(Mackie1202) I reduce the high EQ to '0', result no noise. I do use lowZ cables,top quality, to powered Yorkville spkrs.,sound is great. The sounds that really impressed me were the Brass,Horn & Reed. Superbrass, SaxSect, Miller1 etc. This is the 1st KB I've heard that had a usable Clarinet! The guitars are also very impressive.
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Thanks, Dan, for your input. It sounds like the Solton X1 noise is not a big problem. I purchased by PSR8000, my XV-5080, and my MU100R at the Guitar Center 2 miles from my home. So I have had pretty good experiences with your company. Clif