Hey Tom

You know there was a time in Wisconsin that you just played the Blue Skirt Waltz by Frankie Yankovic at every dance. It was common knowledge. lol. I wonder how often it is played these days. Maybe there's rap version.

Yes, in heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here, and when we're all gone from here, then all our friends will be drinking all the beer. La, la la la la la........... This dumb tune brings a lot of smiles to peoples faces. Especially when I sing it. OMG!!!

I did use a drummer once at a Christmas party here: http://www.rosies.com/default.asp

It went very well actually. But then again I was using one sharp drummer. I didn't change any setting on my then Technics KN1000 and my Roland E35. It went over well.