Thank you to Michael Bedesem

Posted by: Scott Langholff

Thank you to Michael Bedesem - 05/15/05 12:58 AM

Just wanted to say thank you for all your fine programs, especially
Music Finder View.

I just started playing with a knock-out Fusion band. It is
typically 6 or more pieces. I just use the Tyros voices for that.

However, now that they know what an arranger keyboard can do, they
want to be able to break down to a 3 piece band to get more gigs and
more money.

We may go out as a trio as early as next Saturday. Needless to say
we have to find a lot of common songs very quickly. So, tonight,
thank goodness, I was able to sit down and print out my entire song
list of 599 songs, one list of a bunch of tunes we should be able to
play on the spot as in jamming and another list of tunes that might
be possible.

With these lists they will be able to check off what they think they
can do and off we go!

I guess you can see how much time and effort this is saving us. I
can hardly imagine the amount of work that this has saved us.

Monday we are going to have a rehearsal and see if this will be a go
for Saturday or if we need to postpone it.

So thank you again Michael, with a very special thanks for the
special fix you added to your program for for me for the Favorites,
Search 1 and 2.


Scott Langholff
Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Thank you to Michael Bedesem - 05/15/05 06:06 AM

I would like to echo Scotts praise of Michael, who has helped me immensely over the past few years. Without his wonderful software the life of a freelancer entertainer would be a lot more difficult.

Thanks Michael,

Posted by: loungelyzard

Re: Thank you to Michael Bedesem - 05/15/05 06:49 AM


Another note of thanks to you Michael, can't be to many, for the wonderful programs and the knowledge passed down, I truly Thank you.......Pose
Posted by: kbrkr

Re: Thank you to Michael Bedesem - 05/15/05 06:50 AM

Michael is truly one of the "good guys" always helping people. He's an MVP in my book; Most Valuable Person! I too would like to thank him.

Posted by: kbrkr

Re: Thank you to Michael Bedesem - 05/15/05 06:54 AM

Originally posted by Scott Langholff:

want to be able to break down to a 3 piece band to get more gigs and
more money.


I'm thinking of doing the same thing. What pieces are you going to out with? Drums, Guitar, and keyboards? Are you using MIDI tracks or Styles? Do you all sing? What will you playlist look like?

I'm in a really hot wedding and dance band right now, but I'm playing drums with these players. I'm looking to supplement my music and wallet by playing keyboards either as a solo, duo, or trio.

Posted by: Scott Langholff

Re: Thank you to Michael Bedesem - 05/15/05 10:03 AM

Hi Al

At present it looks like it will be me basically being the band with adding a guitarist and the leader plays saxes.

I'm told they both sing to some degree, although so far we've been using a few different female vocalists.

I plan on using only styles. I believe that midi sequencing would take away way too much freedom for me and also for the other two as I and now we really play in the moment according to our needs and the audiences needs.

They asked me if I sang and I said no, but then I added unless it's "No Beer In Heaven." It's that Wisconsin upbringin. lol

We are going to be working out a playlist on Monday.

Otherwise, they do a lot of R&B, Funk, Jazz Fusion. They are interested in my wide variety of music that I do which reallly covers everything.

We have been doing things like, Ain't No Sunshine, Respect, Tina Turner's version of Proud Mary, Deeper Than You Think, Mr. Magic, Stormy Monday, Chameleon, Fallin, Waitin In Vain, It's All Good, Grazin' In The Grass, Brick House, Nut Bush, It WAsn't Me, Romeo and Juliete, Let's Get It On, No Ordinary Love, Let's Stay Together, Pick Up The Pieces, Low Rider, Dazz, No Woman No Cry, Chain Of Fools, Paradise, Feel Like Makijn Love, Sweet Thing,At Last, Easy, Everlasting Love, Is This Love, My Girl, Sweetest Taboo, What's Going On, etc.

I will still do the solo thing and possibly a duo if a singer is desired. I have an excellent singer all set to go.

As it is I am now focusing only on playing out, and letting my other business' kind of slide right now. I found I was doing the shotgun effect with too much to try to handle.

Because of this change in my tactics there are a lot of jobs lining up. Friday alone I got 5 new jobs.

If you have an interest you can see how things are rapidly taking off by checking out my "Schedule" page on my web site. Most of this has just kicked off, with a lot of other good things brewing.


Posted by: MacAllcock

Re: Thank you to Michael Bedesem - 05/16/05 04:56 AM

I too have benefited from Michaels help and programming expertise. It made my transition from PSR 200 to PSR 3000 a much less fraught experience than would otherwise have been the case.

Star man!


Posted by: MacAllcock

Re: Thank you to Michael Bedesem - 05/16/05 04:59 AM

He can't fix my typing, unfortunately. I meant "PSR 2000" not "PSR 200"!
Posted by: Tom Cavanaugh

Re: Thank you to Michael Bedesem - 05/16/05 05:56 AM


After 30 years of playing in a band I felt the arranger opened up many new oppertunities for me. Our big band was stuck in the 40s. We were getting fewer and fewer jobs and I was getting bored. I decided that I should start doing solo jobs again and I also perform as a duo and trio.

I use a trumpet player when I'm a duo and add a guitar player who doubles on valve trombone when I'm a trio.

The arranger allows me to do songs that were impossible for me to do before.

Scott, did you mean "In Heaven There Is No Beer"? Don't forget the "Blue Skirt Waltze".

Al, never add a drummer when you are using an arranger. You are just looking for problems.

Posted by: Scott Langholff

Re: Thank you to Michael Bedesem - 05/16/05 09:08 AM

Hey Tom

You know there was a time in Wisconsin that you just played the Blue Skirt Waltz by Frankie Yankovic at every dance. It was common knowledge. lol. I wonder how often it is played these days. Maybe there's rap version.

Yes, in heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here, and when we're all gone from here, then all our friends will be drinking all the beer. La, la la la la la........... This dumb tune brings a lot of smiles to peoples faces. Especially when I sing it. OMG!!!

I did use a drummer once at a Christmas party here:

It went very well actually. But then again I was using one sharp drummer. I didn't change any setting on my then Technics KN1000 and my Roland E35. It went over well.