Just wanted to say thank you for all your fine programs, especially
Music Finder View.

I just started playing with a knock-out Fusion band. It is
typically 6 or more pieces. I just use the Tyros voices for that.

However, now that they know what an arranger keyboard can do, they
want to be able to break down to a 3 piece band to get more gigs and
more money.

We may go out as a trio as early as next Saturday. Needless to say
we have to find a lot of common songs very quickly. So, tonight,
thank goodness, I was able to sit down and print out my entire song
list of 599 songs, one list of a bunch of tunes we should be able to
play on the spot as in jamming and another list of tunes that might
be possible.

With these lists they will be able to check off what they think they
can do and off we go!

I guess you can see how much time and effort this is saving us. I
can hardly imagine the amount of work that this has saved us.

Monday we are going to have a rehearsal and see if this will be a go
for Saturday or if we need to postpone it.

So thank you again Michael, with a very special thanks for the
special fix you added to your program for for me for the Favorites,
Search 1 and 2.


Scott Langholff