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Although great advice....remember it still has to be implemented on stage flawlessly and only so backed with years of trial & error experience.....remember it all might sound easy and nice but what works for UD & myself, & others is totally different for each other ...it MUST be customized for YOUR approach & style of playing & singing before it can be successful...only take this advice as a stepping stone & build on it....seeing it demonstrated LIVE is a great learning tool also, years ago I sat & watched sat in & filled in many hours for UD always absorbing......this also includes fantastic Vocals also to pull this off....
Fran also has been my technical mentor for years also....I'm blessed to have two awesome musical friends & belessed to play & sing music which is my passion for a living!

I wish you all the best!!

Donny, point well taken. I'm sure your absolutely right. I about broke out in sweat thinking about how I could put those tips to good use, cuz there's lots going on for sure. I'd like to be able to travel as Gary has to see yourself and some of the others play. Maybe sometime I'll get the opportunity to do so. In the meantime once my neighbor Tony Mads retires and becomes a full time musician maybe I can catch some of his performances, I know he's got lots of experience too.

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