Originally posted by zuki:
Thanks for the replies.

I found an old 2 tier x stand, but it appears a laptop on the top would block me from the customer.

I suppose I need to get with the program by utilizing technology.

Uncle Dave:

1. How do you hook up your system to hear the mp3's through the keyb speakers?

2. What sites are best for obtaining these prerecorded songs, both midi and mp3.

I play live on 2/14 for the first time in years and want it to go without a hitch.


Zuki....there so much more then just getting the songs, smf, mp3, custom backing tracks, lyrics etc etc & utilizing them seamlessly with NO Delay time in between songs except for a 2 or 3 sec..for use on a Laptop/KB situation...these songs have to be selected properly, edited & mixed extensively using programs like Sonar, Sound Forge, Acid pro etc etc to get the correct sound and arrangements for performance...there is no easy solution....being its your first time I'm sorry to say your gonna have to go through it like we all did with a hit and miss attitude learning, changing, editing, creating, & finding out what works FOR YOU & what Doesn't...no way around that...this is a juggling act of the highest degree...it can be unbelievably successful or it could end up your worst nightmare, but you need to learn by elimination and trying different things, it CAN be done if you work at it seriously and with your heart 150%...the LT shouldn't be more then 4-5 " on top of your keyboard so you can see over it & get your hands under it to make changes on deck. Also how you setup your LT desktop is imperative to your real-time navigation....

I want to wish you good luck on your gig......remember Technology can be as GOOD as it is BAD.....have fun.