Originally posted by captain Russ:
what do you use a laptop for?

Why, a jukebox, of course !

I always used music on my breaks to set (or keep) the tempo of the room where I wanted it to stay, while I rested my voice, or ran to the bathroom.

( started with cassettes ! )

I have 5000+ audio files on the laptop that are arranged in folders according to year or style, and I play them through WinAmp ... through my kb speakers first, so I hear the proper mix.

I rarely read on stage or use a file that has no room for me to play overtop of, but on occasion, I indulge in a "production" number or two that just isn't possible with my two hands ... arranger or not.

The laptop works best for me off to the side, so it does not appear that I'm reading, or block the sight line. It's a tool, not a crutch, and I VERY often set up without it. I utilize it more fully, at weddings or larger dances, when I need the power to keep a dancefloor hopping to stuff that the arranger can't be exciting enough on.

Lately, I keep it home most of the time, because the jobs I've taken since I started teaching have been at kinder, gentler venues.

I have always been an advocate of using the right tool for the job, and sometimes, in todays dance market - the right tool, is the biggest, best arrangement that is available.

I wish I didn't have to compete with the "K" jays, or D-jays ... but it's a fact of life, here in Philly. The crowd is spoiled by technology, and though I'm no slave to it ... I certainly enjoy being it's master !
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