If you are using your keyboard to make a living, use every tool available. A laptop is a valulable tool--nothing more. Mine holds thousands of lyrics files, thousands of midi files and hundreds of MP3s. If you play background music in a restaurant and you don't sing, the laptop can still be a vailuable tool for holding sheet music. It can be displayed in several forms, and you can set it up to scroll. If you happen to have a couple thousand songs in your head, including all the lyrics and chord changes, well, you're a hell of a lot better than I will ever be. I'll use whatever it takes to keep the dancefloor packed--including a laptop.



Travlin' Easy
PSR-S950, TC Helicon Harmony-M, Digitech VR, Samson Q7, Sennheiser E855, Custom Console, and lots of other silly stuff!

K+E=W (Knowledge Plus Experience = Wisdom.)