Originally posted by Diki:
I thought digital accordions didn't need a reed block?

If they worked at it, why shouldn't a 48 bass digital accordion be 1/3 of the weight of a real one? It would make dodging those tomatoes easier......!

Thats true, digital accordions don't need reeds to make music,
but most models of midi and digital accordions still have the traditional acoustic-providing reeds, with the digital circuitry added.
This allows for the box to be played thru reeds alone, or thru the digital voices alone, or both can be played/layered.
The long-time traditional players usually want those reeds and frown upon the newer technolgy.

Its the reedless models that are much lighter in weight and most major accordion makers produce a reedless model where all sound comes from their internal sound engines, just like our keyboards.
The quality level of the digitally-made accordion voices has increased so the need for the reed blocks and the maintenance for keeping them in tune, are decreasing.

Did I make it more confusing?