The Roland FR3s can be found here for $3295, which is the lightest model (18 1/4 lbs) that has built-in speakers (2 x 15 watts). Though a little steep in price I've been thinking of buying this for my wife, who actually grew up playing accordian, and myself - who is willing to learn.

What I find cool beside all the real accordian emulations is the MIDI possibilities. The video demos above give a small indication of what these are capable of and I'd love to hear someone really put the non-accordian sounds like acoustic guitar and piano to the test. The FR's allow different sound selections for bass/left hand and right along with MIDI out so there's unlimited live performance possibilities. I could see hooking the FR3s to an arranger and going nuts. The FR3s would be sweet to take to any type of gig... jams, weddings, restaurants, even picnics!