Well this brings the Total time up to about 6 Hours now!...This Home Renovation is going to kill me, just kidding...I had a few people E-mailing asking an evaluation which I could not Honestly give for the lack of playing time with the G-70...ALSO being I had the Korg Pro here also...I'm not getting into comparsion of Keyboards...EVERYONE has different taste and needs!
Well now I'm not sure I can sell it just yet and If I do it's NOT because of any Issue with the G-70, ONLY if I can justify the Investment to the time I have to play it, etc...There has been endless postings about the G-70 and as in every keyboard both good and bad(Remember when the PA-80 and Pro was Introduced,OS after OS to bring the boards up to their potential)and Korg is still working on Improvements on the Pro, WHICH is GOOD...They are getting VERY Close...I don't agree with all of this, But if you look at EVERY Professional Synth Workstation,Yamaha,Roland Korg,Kurz they are built to be Improved on and Expanded with Updated OS Systems...So this IS REALLY VERY IMPORTANT!
Now back to the G-70 and my Opinion only(I have Owned the 9000Pro,Tyro's,PSR-3000,Technics 2600,Korg PA-60,80,Pax1-Pro,Ketron SD-1 and Now The G-70)All fine Instruments...I think Roland has a Super Start on this Keyboard. The QUALITY Pro Construction is there(Yes it's a bit heavy, better that than chessy construction),The Layout is Excellent,The screen is Excellent,MANY Excellent Features,Important is POWER, it has Horsepower!...Editing is Super easy...Piano is top notch(the only arranger with Super Sampling as the Roland X)...I rate the Organs as my Favorite also...In fact I like most all the Sounds VERY Much and it's easy to edit them to your taste...Oh! the Action is being discussed...AWSOME, Smooth ,quality keys I mean ALL OVER, the ENDS,Sides. perfectly weighted, you can really slide your fingers around for Organ and Great touch for Piano Work...My opinion..The BEST so far in any Keyboard....Styles...The LIVE are Fantastic finding 8-10 very usable...I think Roland needs to add more Jazz and BIG Band with high standards...Like George said the Lower 3 and Top three Parts(Sounds) can be layered or played anywhere on the Keyboard...I like to use that in Whole keyboard mode just to switch sounds back and forth live, so east to Play with using improvision, etc!
So I know a OS 2.0 update is coming soom October maybe with alot of Changes and additions... How about a Style converter?...Put some of your favorite,Yamaha,Ketron,Korg styles in!!!... I heard that was forcoming, Is a Style converter possible???...
Well I think you most likely have figured out, I like The Keyboard more each time I use It...Maybe I should Use it More and forget about selling it???...Anyways off to Bed and If it's not raining tomorrow back to the House Project!...Have to get it done before retirement comes...Have a Great Day Everyone!!!!