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BTW, I see you now have a Ketron?? A SD1?

I understand the Midijay has the same sound. I still think about that thing once in a while.

Have you seen the Midijay yet? A couple pounds for that and a controller kb sure sounds tempting. But, I imagine that once one is used to everything layed out on a keyboard that the module might seem cramped.

Hey, I know what, Ketron, how about sending a demo to me. I'll check it out and give a review on it.

What do you think of the SD1 compared to the Tyros? I was rather suprized when you made the switch. Did you do it just to keep things new and fresh or is it that much better?

I see some people mention that this is the closest sound to a real live band. But on the other hand I remember hearing th Ketron online demo for, I think they called it Supersax. Sounded pretty corny to me. Immediately went to a different site. But there must be enough good stuff on it, otherwise people wouldn't be saying all those good things I would think.


I switched to the SD1 because I like the live sound, especially of the drums and bass. The operating system takes some getting used to, but I have it down pretty well now. I've started using the 6-pedal foot switch to control the vocal harmonizer, breaks and fills. I also use a sustain and sometimes a volume pedal.
The vocal harmonizer is much improved over the Tyros. It also has two mic inputs, one that can access the harmonizer, and one that does not. Effects and volume can be assigned independently to each. There is also an independent mic output if you prefer outboard processing.
I miss some of the features of the Tyros, but nothing I haven't adjusted to.
As far as the Midjay, my friend HankB has one and is using his PSR3000 to control it. It sounds just like the SD1 to me. Hank spent a few weeks learning it and getting it all set up, but now is using it regularly. He can tell you more about that. All I know is that the sound is excellent.

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