BTW, I see you now have a Ketron?? A SD1?

I understand the Midijay has the same sound. I still think about that thing once in a while.

Have you seen the Midijay yet? A couple pounds for that and a controller kb sure sounds tempting. But, I imagine that once one is used to everything layed out on a keyboard that the module might seem cramped.

Hey, I know what, Ketron, how about sending a demo to me. I'll check it out and give a review on it.

What do you think of the SD1 compared to the Tyros? I was rather suprized when you made the switch. Did you do it just to keep things new and fresh or is it that much better?

I see some people mention that this is the closest sound to a real live band. But on the other hand I remember hearing th Ketron online demo for, I think they called it Supersax. Sounded pretty corny to me. Immediately went to a different site. But there must be enough good stuff on it, otherwise people wouldn't be saying all those good things I would think.