You know Don, you're probably right. I think if one is actually trading up and/or updating that it would be a very welcome change. But, once you play the Tyros,well, I know when I A/B'd the Tyros and the 3000, it was a very, very big letdown.

I am thinking of having a second keyboard just to have one around basically. These new Yamaha keyboards are built to last for years, contrary to a lot of people's thinking that these are of a cheap build, so I don't think I will really ever need it as a back up, but perhaps for a band rehearsal or if it's a relatively unimportant gig and don't feel like hauling the Tyros, or maybe if it would be outside and the weather looks iffy.

In this case, for my purposes the PSR2000 will probably be preferable. I still have all my user voices, music finder database, and I know it with my eyes closed. As a matter of fact all of the above plus my Gig Disks are available over on Joe Waters very fine site. A very nice sounding kb I always thought. This is when I changed from not liking Yamaha to being very impressed with what seemed to me a great leap forward.

Also, Michael Bedesem has updated his Music Finder program so all of the 600 tunes I have set in the Tyros will easily be transferred to the 2000.

Oh well, guess I'll know what I'm going to do in a short time.