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Can you explain Donny's computer and mic setup? I looks like the computer shelf is attached to the 3K and also the mic. It looks really cool and compact.

Gary, got another question not related to the above. In the PSRTutorial forum Dennis said you have a way of turning on/off the Harmony for the right hand with the buttons instead of using the footswitch. I wanna get a sax section sound play one finger melody in the right hand.



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The computer is on a shelf connected to his X-stand, and so is the mic boom as well. Both are available from Quik-lok and can be left attached to the stand.

What Dennis was talking about is using a simple momentary switch that can be purchased at RAdio Shack, mounting the switch in one of their plastic utility boxes that is not much larger than the switch, then attaching it to the keyboard and pluggins the switch into the foot-pedal jack. It takes the place of a foot pedal, but for me the pedal works just fine, especially when you consider that you must take your right hand off the keys to activate the switch. additionally, there is still no indicator light telling you whether the harmony is on or off. Just a bad design by Yamaha.

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