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#96132 - 01/21/07 01:06 PM Re: Tyros III
TommyF Offline

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Yes, of course, thanks for correcting me

Kind regards,
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#96133 - 01/21/07 01:12 PM Re: Tyros III
squeak_D Offline
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Korgs policy with OS updates throughout a products life cycle is much better for the customer but might not generate as much profit as Yamahas business model.

That's sad too. Yammie doesn't want to support the T2 in the way Korg does the PA owners. Yammie wants you to shell out another $3500 or more for the next model rather than give you good OS support for the current one. Which is clearly why Yamaha's product support always gets such sh$#@y marks.

They need to change that IMO. They could learn a thing or two from the others in the customer support and product support department. They're OK with their synths, but they sure as hell hang the arranger players out to dry. Where's the Tyros customer loyalty program???? They have it for the Motif line.... Why won't they offer this program to the many that support the Tyros by spending thousands upon thousands of their hard earned money on their product?
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#96134 - 01/21/07 02:39 PM Re: Tyros III
dani_76_es Offline

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First,we have to wait for Rocky Balboa VII then will arrive Tyros III...hi hi
IrishActs said right...first new OS update.

#96135 - 01/21/07 03:53 PM Re: Tyros III
Scott Langholff Offline
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Well, if you look at it this way. Roland and Korg produce what, around 50 pound keyboards. Add a SOFT case with wheels and that's about another 20 pounds for a total of around 70 pounds.

Tyros 2 is about 32 pounds, add a soft case with wheels and that is already about 50 pounds. If you want 76 keys why not get a midi controller keyboard that weighs around 10 pounds? I know for me I would much rather have a 32 pound and a 10 pound keyboard that only takes about 5 seconds to hook up, and have the versatility of having 2 keyboards than trying to grunt a 50 pounder up on a stand, and keep my back in good shape etc, etc.

So, I don't really see what the big deal is. I personally don't need any more than 61 keys but, if I did, I still would never, never ever consider one of those 50 pounders. I would much rather save the bod than tear it down. You only have to experience lifting woes once to appreciate this.

So, there it is. My idea. Do whatever works for you the best though, is the main thing

#96136 - 01/21/07 05:24 PM Re: Tyros III
batty Offline

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Casio can make keyboards with 88 keys, fully weighted action and speakers, which weigh about the same as the Tyros2.

Problem is that few manufacturers can see a market for a full-featured, quality, low-weight 76 note keyboard. It's obviously not hard to do based on current technology and manufacturing processes. But if they thought they could sell a zillion boards then you would already see plenty of 76 key models all over the place.

Personally I prefer 76 keys or more, but when it comes to weight I'm with Scott. If it's too heavy I ain't luggin' it...........

Give me a Tyros 2 in a Casio PX chassis = 88 keys and all the bells and whistles under 30lbs!

kind regards,

#96137 - 01/23/07 12:59 AM Re: Tyros III
MacAllcock Offline
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Yamaha do make 88 key arrangers, trouble is they are sold as non-portable pianos as the CVP range!
John Allcock

#96138 - 01/23/07 07:35 AM Re: Tyros III
Esh Offline

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Casio PX-200: 26lbs
Ketron MidJay: 7 lbs

88-note arranger: 33lbs

#96139 - 02/12/07 07:58 PM Re: Tyros III
TresorTX Offline

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Hoping that the manufactures read this... Why don't KB manufactures create nice 76 and 88 key versions of their pro arrangers keeping only the keybed and controls in the keyboard itslef, and externalizing all the guts of they keyboard in an external logic unit that could be a rugged, easily transportable chassis with wheels and with a nice handle on it. A single complex cable could connect the keyboard with the logic unit. All power, midi, cooling, pedals and other cables could all be connected to the logic unit and kept out of sight, keeping the keyboard itself simple, and unincumbered. The weight would be divided nicely making both units easily transportable. Expansion boards, additional memory, hard drives, and optical drives could all be located in the logic unit making them very accessible and easy to get to. Externalizing the logic would make room for a large hi res touch sensitive flat screen and lots of faders and programmable buttons.

Doesnt that sound kewl?? haha.. Its fun to dream.

Russ Bolduc

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#96140 - 02/12/07 07:59 PM Re: Tyros III
Dnj Offline
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Originally posted by TresorTX:
Its fun to dream. Russ

It sure is

#96141 - 02/12/07 08:09 PM Re: Tyros III
DanO1 Offline
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Tyros III almost made it out, but once again they spelled the name ROYTOS instead of TYROS... product was stopped, until 2008.

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