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#72503 - 04/17/02 11:51 AM yamhamma still hidding keybored damit

hey that not same keybored.

keybord i looking for look difrent and got more fuctions.

this a pickter of it

i no all abot keybroads becas i ben play keybord since i a child (or at lest befor i adulterer) but i septialize in a ranger keybords becas this mak me sond very talinted.

if you ask me i got strated out on Ham in oregon in 1985 and after 2 yrs gradiated to Alec Baldwin. these kind not easy to play. you got to use base petals and your foot keps faling asleep damit.

then i say jake these oregons to dam heavy, you need get liter keybroad. so i get psr9000 from yasamha and i very hapy until yasamaha say Hey, we cant get out dam gum and why you chewing arond a keybored annyway?

this just lik Yamhamma, they try blam me for gumm so they not have to repare it.

so i say Hey what abot my war in tee? an they say No war in tee for you becase Dick Caveat emperor! (this mean Let the imbiber beware.)

i thik this just another consperisty by yamahamma for get monney from pepple. you know Yasamha pretend be ape politicle but if you beleve that i got swapland and eyeful tower i want sel you.

yamhamma in jappan, an this why i say they try pull anotther Perl Harper. you thik it a askident unitted states amry use palstic
expolsives an now yammhama makking all there keyboreds out of platsic?

how much more prufe you need damit.


#72504 - 04/18/02 05:22 AM Re: yamhamma still hidding keybored damit
kaboombahchuck Offline

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wellllllll' sueprize suprise thea leenc don workssssss

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#72505 - 04/18/02 09:53 AM Re: yamhamma still hidding keybored damit
Maximo Offline

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Jake W,
the link that you provide is the picture for the Tyros Prototype. If you read the link at the end says it. Anyway like I told you before there is a tread in the General Discussion called More Tyros pic that contains the same pictures. Is it your language goobledigook? Where are you from? If you don't understand english you can use an online translator, it would be easy for all of us to help you if we can understant what are you writing about.


#72506 - 04/18/02 09:55 AM Re: yamhamma still hidding keybored damit
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LOL @ kaboombahchack,
that's a funny animation!


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