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#71798 - 05/21/02 06:26 AM adapter scsi - usb for yamaha psr9000pro
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The yamaha has a scsi connection.
I wanted to buy a zipdrive scsi in Belgium but they don't sell this anymore...all zipdrives usb.
Is it possible to put an adapter on the psr9000 to convert the scsi port to usb ?
If it is possible ...will a zipdrive usb work on it ?

#71799 - 05/21/02 11:35 PM Re: adapter scsi - usb for yamaha psr9000pro
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They do make adaptors , I've never seen a PSR-9000 but I'm assuming the SCSI on it is the standard 25pin SCSI . You would have to go to a computer store to get the adaptor . The only problem I forsee is that SCSI is a faster data transfer than USB . I don't know if that will create a problem or not , perhaps the bottlenecking of data is handled by the adaptor . Another choice is to look for a used SCSI zip drive , Harmony , and are great places to find things like that .

#71800 - 05/21/02 10:07 PM Re: adapter scsi - usb for yamaha psr9000pro
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Try asking this on the Arranger Keyboard Forum here on the BBS where I know there are a number of PSR-9000Pro users actively using the forum.


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