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#71305 - 02/23/99 04:11 PM PSR530-IBM NB760 cabeling

I have PSR 530 and IBM notebook 760 with MIDI interface and 15-pin("woman")IBM-connector cable. Would be possible to obtain wire connection schema between mini DIN 8-pin connector on PSR side and IBM 15-pin connector? The pin-schema(a front-view) for 8-pin mini DIN is
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Thank´s for help!

#71306 - 03/05/99 06:07 PM Re: PSR530-IBM NB760 cabeling
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IVAN, NO WAY to connect Game/Midi port to PSR-530 or any synth. The Game/Midi DB15 needs a special MIDI cable like the creative labs offers at $19.99 in this configuration connect MIDI IN/OUT on your synt. no PC/Port required. Otherway is to connect the male DB9 Serial port in your laptop to 8 minidin port PC/Port, special wiring is required, and a windows driver i guess this is what you are looking for, just remember same mouse port COM1 or COM2 to PC(or mac)/port on the PSR-530 i saw this configuration for a ROLAND XP-10 so i suppose is the same for PSR-530


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