Hi best forummers,
as I said in an earlier post: 'KN7000 display, the summerpictures are coming'. I make a start, without telling what you may expect. A small tip: besides musical fingers you (or your wife)need 'green' fingers.
So, what does KN7000 have to do with a garden .
I took my camera and take pictures of 'THE MAKING OF TINA TECHNICS'.
Are you curious? If you whish, download my new song 'And I love her...', on number 14 on page 2 of my Personal Page...
Download it, unzip the files to an empty disk and load into the KN7...

Happy fingers and just kiddin',

P.S. for most of us this 'song'is a 'must' for making good the time you don't spend on your partner. Now you can tell your partner that the KN7000 can be in use for her as well
KERS is on : http://home.hccnet.nl/cees.els
Cees wink
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