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#63222 - 11/13/04 11:28 AM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
Walter McLaren Offline

Registered: 01/16/02
Posts: 320
Loc: Borders. Scotland
The odd man out.!! Iím Walter, live in Galashiels, in the Scottish Borders, have a look. We donít even have a railway, nearest 32 miles. Retired, keep fairly fit, Recent E-mail regarding health, asked to give an indication of health state, reply,Ē Am typing this on my Laptop from the top of Everest!! Have caught the coldĒ-- no follow-up!!. Play poorly, self-taught, it shows, 30í/40s/50/s then music dried up. Although have recently bought Rod Stewart and Westlife CDís, the titles would tell you why, even they are catching on. This is a super forum, made lots of friends, the first Bebop, as I sent him a virus, got a sharp letter, after a few exchanges communicated regularly, sadly met only one, Bill Norrie, Willum, all to short a visit. It makes the world a smaller place. Pity it didnít make it better. Failing, have a twisted sense of humour. Why did I say, odd man out, I play a Tyros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing!!!

#63223 - 11/13/04 05:56 PM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???


Some of you know about me and some of the newer members may not.

I have never had formal musical instrument lessons. Being a career military (USAF)while serving in Korea, many of my fellow airman played guitar or piano and it was something I had always wanted to do but could not see learning scales (wish I had).

While staioned in Alaska with the long winters, I purchased a Hammond Chord Organ
and using the Pointer System for chords I made some noise that I liked but was not pleasant for some guests. A few years later I puchased a Hammond B3. The sounds were much better but my playing ability was only for my ears. I went through Lowrey and Technics Organs as my relaxation from busy work schedules.

Many years after retirement from business I became interested in computers. That lead to the Internet and through Internet music I met Bob Hendershot (a fellow member of this forum). He introduced me to OBI (Organ Buddies International). This inspired me to practice and improve on my playing abilities. I have since moved to Technics Keyboards, but have gained many close OBI friends all over the world that I hope to meet one day. (Bob is attending our East Coast Jam).

I am now 78 yrs young enjoying my 2600 and 7000 and my friends can now stand to hear me.

The OBI and this forum have been a great inspiration for me. Not much for the sequencer, but one of these days I may strive for the big time....Cees page.

Fran in Florida

#63224 - 11/13/04 06:15 PM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
Retired Offline

Registered: 07/01/03
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Loc: England
Hi, my names Fred Wren from South Darenth in Kent England U K, I am
71 years old. I started playing piano by ear when I was 15 yrs old, then
when I was about 30yrs old, I was asked by a friend if I would form a band with his young son and two friends.

Although they were only16-17yrs old, they were in their 8th grade musically. The first song we played together was a disaster, I was playing
Piano on the black notes, the Accordionist was playing from written music in the Key of ďcĒ, the Saxophonist was also reading the music, written in ďcĒ but I was told he had a Bb instrument, the young drummer who was also self taught, was prepared to hit any thing in reach of his drum sticks. It was then I taught myself to read chords and melody line.

Itís unfortunate that Technics have stopped making keyboards, but I
think that the Technics keyboards will be around for many years to come., [I still have my KN2000, I think itís a great keyboard] .The many Web Sites that have been established, to encourage members to provide their music for the rest of us to enjoy, will help to keep the Technics keyboard alive. It will only take one member to ask a reasonable question, about his keyboard, and he will always get a reply, if it is possible to do so, as I have in the past.

Although I donít write too often on the forum, I look in nearly
every night, and must admit I have got more from this site
than I am able to give.

I was encouraged by Bebopís other thread, about what new Keyboard members wanted for Christmas, which he said he would close,
as nobody seemed interested in buying a new keyboard for Christmas.

I think this is a very interesting thread, thank you Bebop for putting
it up.
Fred UK

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