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#63172 - 10/07/04 07:42 PM WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
BEBOP Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 01/02/00
Posts: 3770
Loc: San Jose, California
I just had a suggestion from one of our list members and also a member of this forum that when we send emails and when we post on this forum that we include our location. I think this is a great idea for every reason I can think of and can't think of any reason not to.
I have also suggested many times that you put your keyboard make and model in your profile here in the forum. that can also be helpful.
Email addresses are risky unless you like lot of junk/porno email as the web crawlers harvest these email addresses every day.
Best to all

#63173 - 10/07/04 08:41 PM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
Ted Rose Offline

Registered: 01/16/02
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Loc: United States
Great idea, BEBOP! Let me start off this new thread by telling you all (if you don't already know it) that I live in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. and play a 7000. I have no musical background, and do not read music, but somehow I just know where to put my fingers to form chords. If you are not also an "ear player," you will not understand. I AM an ear player and even I don't understand!

I hope we will hear from many of you, as BEBOP suggested. Thanks Bill (BEBOP) for getting things started, as you so often do.

Happy playing, friends!

Ted Rose

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#63174 - 10/07/04 11:24 PM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
Mark, Michie & Luce Offline

Registered: 08/26/04
Posts: 50
Loc: Mersea Island, England
Good morning Bill, (UK GMT)

As above, a very good idea of yours.

For all those who may be interested, we live on Mersea Island which is about 9-10 miles south-east of Colchester in the UK. More details about the island can be found at:

As most of you know we have both a 6K and a 7K keyboard, the 6K fitted with the Mk1 expansion card, the 7K with pedals, etc.

Right, must go, we're sailing today in the last race of the season.

Yours, as ever,

Michie (Luce & Mark included)

#63175 - 10/07/04 11:37 PM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
AndyHearne Offline

Registered: 08/23/04
Posts: 76
Loc: peterborough
We all live in Peterborough here which is only 5 miles to the shopping centre, quite a nice area though the taxis are expensive

We are approx an hour away to london via train so quite good public transport and buses are very good too

More at

I only have a KN7000 but I did have a KN1500 and a PSR740. - I have been playing the keyboard since I was 9 and recently took up the Organ, which I used to have a G100 a bit of a let down as not many sounds but helped. My music teacher taught me on a EL900 - a real beauty and was great for songs like Music of the Night etc and Chariots of Fire which are two of my favourite songs.


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Songs to

#63176 - 10/08/04 12:46 AM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
Jack Docters Offline

Registered: 08/23/04
Posts: 127
Loc: Eindhoven Netherlands
Hello all of you,
Since two years I have a Technics KN 7000.
Before I had a KN 1000, KN 2000 , KN 5000.
I have been learning and playing the keyboard by myself since 1998.
I live in Eindhoven in Holland.
Probable you know this city where Philips makes his first Glow Lamp.

Maybe we could make a separate site in Synth. Zone ( like Cees do ) where you can find all this info of our members.

Jack Docters

#63177 - 10/08/04 07:46 AM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
tony mads usa Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 01/16/02
Posts: 12796
Loc: East Greenwich RI USA
Well I guess my User Name tells you where I'm from ... We live in the smallest state of the Union, Rhode Island for the past 20 years, but my wife, kids and I were all born in Staten Island NY, NY. We are STILL New Yorkers !!! ...
I currently play a kn6000 and still have my first kb which was a kn1000 ... I also own a Fender Rhodes (how did I EVER lug that beast to gigs ?!?!? ), and there is an upright piano in the living room ... We also have a couple of accordions ... my wife and I met at an accordion school ...

Ted... you are right ... I DON'T understand how you do it and am very envious ... ... Having had some 'formal' music instruction I am able (on occasion) to pick out a tune, but you 'ear' players blow me away ...
t. cool

#63178 - 10/08/04 10:03 AM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
tonykn7000 Offline

Registered: 10/01/02
Posts: 33
Loc: Colchester , Essex , UK
Hi All

I'am in Brentwood, Essex UK have had KN7000
since it first came out, set it all up and
then had heart attack before I could even try it out and then had triple bypass op. KN sat in the dining room for 2 months before I could even sit at it. Now fully recover and have worked my way through the Kenneth Baker books and have managed to play
all the songs in books 1 to 4 and the same level songbooks. This time I had managed to play every song including songs I previously gave up on especially songs with 16th notes
which I have been able to play now I know the correct way to count them. I have nearly
completed the classical themes book. I was determined to play every song whatever it took and have learnt that you can play it if you practice long enough. Can only play by reading the music and am in awe of you ear players.

Best regards
To all
Tony KN7000

#63179 - 10/08/04 11:16 AM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
Chuck Piper Offline

Registered: 01/17/02
Posts: 403
Loc: United Kingdom
I have a KN6000 and a KN7000 with pedals and all four expansion boards. I am a "reader" and mainly self-taught player. I did try formal lessons with a local teacher but found I could progress just as quickly on my own since I read music, so stopped the lessons. I guess I qualify as an ear player to some extent. I can sit at the keybord and usually work out the chords for a song, though it may take me quite some time to do it. However, I am not able to sit at the keyboard like a true ear player and have the melody and chords "fall" under my fingers automatically.

Manchester, UK

#63180 - 10/08/04 12:14 PM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
Sapphire Offline

Registered: 12/31/03
Posts: 123
Loc: Benfleet, Essex. UK
Hi to all forum members
My name is Alan and I live in South Benfleet in Essex, England.
I have a Kn7000 and play only by ear. I did try to learn to read music but there was no way I could grasp even the basics of it. I used to play guitar (lead) in a group in the sixties (boy am I old) and then moved on to various cheap Casio and Yamaha keyboards before eventually buying a Kn2400. At that stage I was totally hooked on the Technics keyboard and had to find a 7000. I did and don't regret one penny of the ammount I paid.I doubt I will ever change again.


#63181 - 10/08/04 01:05 PM Re: WHERE ARE YOU LOCATE???
Lindoz Offline

Registered: 12/16/99
Posts: 126
Loc: Torshalla, Sweden
Im living in a small old town named Torshalla, established 1317 and now aprox. 8.500 inh. And this is Sweden, the country of the midnight sun. You can take a look on
unfortunately only in Swedish, but there are some pics.

I am what you will called a pro, and are gigging around in this country around 10 days a month, together with one or two friends. I have been doing a lot of things. Began to tour when I was 17 playing the guitar. Later I began to play the Hammond organ and I also played Trumpet for some years.

I have also been involved in business like restaurants, record shops and record studios. My musical connection then put me in the artist management which I was doing in many years. 1997, when I was 54 years, I sold my two companies to two of my employers and was thinking of a nice retired life. However, my interest in programming sequencer took over and I find that it was nice and easy just to gigg on two or three persons. So I still have my pension insurances untouched

I use a KN7000 on gigging but I also have a KN6000 and a KN3000 in my homestudio. I also use a Korg Motif and some Roland racksynths and a lot of studio equipments.

On our giggs we use a Yamaha digital mixer 02V and a DMX light equipment which all are controlled by the KN7000. We have also put in all the lyrics in the sequencer track for displaying on two 17" flatscreens.

Ive been a member on this forum since 1998 and I like it very much.

Many regards from Lindoz

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