I saw Kate Roman today. She said that for unknown reasons, her email addy isn't working, and doesn't "bounce" back to the sender. Her correct email address is:
kateroman2@aol.com She sincerely apologised to anyone who attempted to contact her at the other email address and felt that she was ignoring them. For those that prefer phoning, the number for the Quality Inn is 1-863-385-4500
There was a question regarding RV's. She indicated that they do have RV facilities at the Quality Inn, but they need to know your requirements (electrical, etc). She also said that the rate was about $30 per night for RV parking and hook-up. If you have questions regarding this, contact her directly.
I am still working on a possible luncheon option. As soon as I get the information, I'll post it and we can decide what we want to do.