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#53006 - 02/16/03 01:29 AM Re: 7SDCard Tool
Gunnar Jonny Online   content
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Originally posted by thkmcs:
...... Why i write this Software ?
i like to make Software for Technics
Keyboards because i'm a really Technics-Fan,
and spend all my Freetime to this Keyboards

Hi Thomas

It's great to see that you're still going strong
doing this excellent work.
Also good to see that Technicsusers helps you out
and find this program as a very usable tool,
just as
the other nice progs you've made.
Good luck and keep on the good spirit!
Best regards,
Cheers 🥂
"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed
but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)

#53007 - 02/16/03 06:42 AM Re: 7SDCard Tool
Walt Meyer Offline

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Thomas, Thank you for your work on the SD Card Tool. We really appreciate you and your effort.
Our kindest regards,

#53008 - 02/16/03 12:15 PM Re: 7SDCard Tool
technicsplayer Offline
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this is the software I described here when first detailing all the new 7000 features after first reviewing the keyboard, way before Techmanager7000 was released or even announced.

I said at the time I had no time to wrap up the design in visual basic (I performed all the functions on my SD cards directly in the hex codes) because already committed to various other projects and asked for software programmers.

Later Thomas kindly agreed to apply his skills so I supplied the necessary design information and codes to enable something useful in the way of functions to be produced.

The keysoft Techmanager remains a very good program with rather more functionality at the moment, and I can recommend it, but it does of course cost. Thomas decided he wanted to produce a freeware and you can thank his enthusiasm for that.

#53009 - 02/16/03 04:34 PM Re: 7SDCard Tool
Bill Norrie Offline
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Hi Alec, Good to see you back 'On Line'. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say your input to Thomas's program is greatly appreciated.
Hope you are well and have not been burning too much midnight oil.


After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is Music.
Aldous Huxley
( especially when the music is played on a KN7000....)

#53010 - 02/16/03 05:48 PM Re: 7SDCard Tool
technicsplayer Offline
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a lot of midnight oil,

on book...

and compact disk...

#53011 - 02/16/03 06:36 PM Re: 7SDCard Tool
Douglas Dean Offline

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When I was a little tike I remember I had a big white teddy bear. I called him Snuffy. Why, I dont know. This I do know, when I had a very big little kids problem me and Snuffy would talk it over when I went to bed. In a bit I would fall asleep with Snuffy at my side, knowing everything would be OK. Now I am older with many, many years behind me. When I see your name I get that same kind of feeling. I have made my choice of keyboard and everything will be OK when I see that name. Too bad owners of other keyboards can not have access to that kind of comfort and expertise. I have a hard time waiting for your new book but on the other hand I can sleep well, knowing soon every thing will be OK and the understanding my new KN will blossom fully. Yes break out in beauty just as the coming spring time will trigger new life in Old Grandpa so will your new book trigger new understanding of my KN and much added enjoyment in its use.

Grandpa Doug
Grampa Doug

#53012 - 02/17/03 04:13 AM Re: 7SDCard Tool
technicsplayer Offline
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thanks, Gramps Doug, not very long to wait now I assure you... and it should certainly open a few eyes and provide a few surprises that haven't been seen or done before... and show that the 7k can also do a few tricks that the competition boasts about...

#53013 - 02/17/03 07:21 AM Re: 7SDCard Tool
Marilyn Boissoneault Offline

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Loc: Melbourne, Florida, USA
Hi Alec, sure nice to see you back!

I'm sure looking forward to your book on the KN7000. Now you added your comments about the surprises I'm going to have an even harder time waiting.......


#53014 - 02/17/03 09:41 AM Re: 7SDCard Tool
av909 Offline
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Hello Alec,
I'm a new kn 7000 owner, and I'm waiting for your book too. I have the "How Do I Do That" book for the kn 6500 and it was easy to follow , I'm sure this one will be too. Thanks, Allene

#53015 - 02/17/03 11:56 AM Re: 7SDCard Tool
lahawk Offline
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I know I asked this before, but I'll try again.

1. If you want to save a Technics formated file from a disk to the SD Card, you must first load the song from the disk to the sequencer, then save it as a Technics Format to the SD Card... YES or NO

2. After saving that Technics file from a disk to the SD Card, you can not play it directly through the SD Console using the play button next to the SD slot, because only SD-SOUND (SMF) and SD -AUDIO are capable of this. Technics Formats on the SD Card only load to the Sequencer and play through the Sequencer...YES or NO

3. If you want to save midi files from a disk to the SD Card, you must save as a SD-SOUND (SMF) FORMAT. After saving to the card, you can then play these midi files directly using the SD Console ...YES OR NO

Do I have all the facts right ?....
Only certain type of files play through the SD Console (SD-Sound and SD Audio) and NOT Technics Format files ?

Thanks to this forum, I have learned much more than the rather weak instructional manual supplied by Technics.

I want Alec's Book
I need Alec's Book

Larry Hawk
Larry "Hawk"

Hawk Music

♫ 🎹🎹 ♫ SX-900

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