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#495061 - 04/20/20 08:58 AM Question from Tyros 3 Owner
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Hello all, Hope all of you fine folks are doing well and taking care of yourselves. It's been ages since I have logged in to this site which was once my daily read. Well, I am back and need some help and advice.

Once upon a time, I was quite a bit in the music scene even touring to perform. I was a one man show and my go to arranger was a Technics (KN1000, 2000 and 6500). In between, I also had the PSR3000. Then life happened. Job, marriage, kids... About 10 years ago, I thought I would have some time so I ended up buying a Tyros 3 right as Tyros 4 was coming out. I was dead wrong and I didn't have any time at all. So now, daughter is married, boys are in college, work is from home, I decided to power on the almost brand new Tyros3 and although I love the way it feels and sounds, I can't figure it out (I am also 20 years older since my last sequence made). I tried reading the manual, watch some videos but I can't seem to get it and it is making me frustrated.
Do you guys think getting a SX700 or 900 would be a better idea? Would I be able to trade or sell the Tyros 3 or should I keep it and buy the SX700? I am thinking the touchscreen would helpful and these keyboards are easier than the Tyros. Is that so? Thank you and good to be back.

#495066 - 04/20/20 09:59 AM Re: Question from Tyros 3 Owner [Re: edfarr]
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There is no point to having both IMO. So if you really want a new keyboard you could just trade your Tyros 3 in at any major music retailer.

The touch screen on the PSR-SX might make things a little easier. But the operating systems and features are almost the same. If you understand the Tyros' "navigation metaphor," it's not really any harder to learn and use.

Everything on the screen is layed out in approximate rows and columns. The buttons on either side of the tilt screen let you choose the row you want to work with. The rocker switches below the screen (especially the "up" button) lets you choose your column. The little pair of switches above and to the right of the screen let you scroll back and forth through screen "tabs."

There's also a handy "direct access" button which works like a "Shift" key. If you press Direct Access and then ACMP, it warps you to the Accompaniment settings.

Once you have a screen field selected, use the data wheel or +/- keys to change the value, and then press Enter.

Don't be afraid to experiment! If you really screw things up there's even a factory reset. It's in your manual but for many Yamaha's you just turn the board on while holding the highest key.

I also think there are commercial DVDs available that explain the features of your keyboard.

For more support info, go here:

#501931 - 01/06/21 03:16 AM Re: Question from Tyros 3 Owner [Re: edfarr]
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edfarr. If you are getting frustrated with your Tyros 3 the newer Yamaha keyboards you won't find any easier.
Keep the T3 and spend time getting to know it with help from this forum and others like

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