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9 years since its introduction and KETRON are still looking after their Audya customers...In my opinion that is remarkable.

It has been my observation that Ketron rarely discontinue a product, they will keep making them as long as demand is there. However, I suppose at some point new features must stop as the developers concentrate on new projects. I think at this stage, expecting Ketron to introduce completely new features, particularly ones that will only by used by a minority is unreasonable. If Ketron are able to implement major updates without affecting the stability of the Operating System... of course I will be very happy.

Which "new features" are you referring to, regarding the Audya product? They messed up with the latest version of the OS, for not being able to manage the Fills and Breaks when using audio drums.
9 years, so nicely said, they're looking after their customers... When all you do in 9 years is struggling to correct your own errors, I'd hardly call this a customer oriented attitude, but a lack of proficiency and a waste of resources.
How many more years to wait until we can write some styles inside the keyboard without fearing that it will come up with an error in the middle of the process?
Time is money for everyone on this planet...
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