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#437224 - 09/09/17 04:57 AM Re: GENOS Revealed [Re: Dnj]
Mikem Offline

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The video is also on YouTube:

#437232 - 09/09/17 07:13 AM Re: GENOS Revealed [Re: Mikem]
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#437233 - 09/09/17 07:16 AM Re: GENOS Revealed [Re: Mikem]
Dnj Online   content
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#437236 - 09/09/17 07:38 AM Re: GENOS Revealed [Re: Dnj]
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#437244 - 09/09/17 11:14 AM Re: GENOS Revealed [Re: Dnj]
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allotta hooey
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#437252 - 09/09/17 01:22 PM Re: GENOS Revealed [Re: Dnj]
mweuch Offline

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I might finally pull the trigger and get this new Yamaha keyboard. Been a Korg guy since psr 9000. Can’t wait!

#437261 - 09/09/17 08:16 PM Re: GENOS Revealed [Re: Dnj]
shueymusic Offline

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Let the name leak...
Stay tight lipped...
Introduce it in Germany in the 18th...
Leak a nondescript video...
Show some dealers in the US on the 28th...

The YouTube demo sounds fantastic in headphones. If those tones are coming from the "Genos," then I am excited!! Add an editable, easy to use sequencer... then I will be sold.

Genos... a new "Gen"eration of "O"perating "S"ystem.
They have been using the same way of operating the keyboard since the PSR-8000. With competition keyboards and touch screens, they had to do something.

With the Montage... they walked away from the 15 years of Motif and made hard choices (like eliminating the workstation/sequencer portion.) I guess they were ready to make some choices on the Tyros platform.

It's all about the Sounds, Controls/Functions, and Effects. Form factor, touch, and weight are also important.

Can't wait!
"The Shueys"
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#437264 - 09/10/17 12:09 AM Re: GENOS Revealed [Re: Dnj]
abacus Offline
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Just remember that most manufacture online demos are made using pro equipment to record it, along with an experienced engineer & player, which is why a lot of users gets disappointed when they get it home and cannot get it to sound anything like the demo.
The golden rule is always to try before you buy, and never pre-order unless you can cancel the order if it doesn’t meet expectations. (Also look for deals on EBay after launch as user’s dispose of them after not following the above advice)
English Riviera:
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#437265 - 09/10/17 04:22 AM Re: GENOS Revealed [Re: Dnj]
Robbo Offline

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Interesting that all have been removed from tube etc. did dealers break the nda or was it Yamaha? I have the korg pa4x and I'm very happy with it. But recently I added a Montage to the output, and boy what a game changer that is.

If Genos goes the same way,gonna be pretty exciting. But they will deff need to address polifany to More than usual and make a reasonable reduction in price to attract new and current buyers.

Don't know why the vids have been removed, really they show very little, but the sound I must say if it was Genos was great.

#437266 - 09/10/17 05:17 AM Re: GENOS Revealed [Re: Dnj]
Impuls Offline

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