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#42697 - 10/23/03 07:23 AM connecting kn6000 to cakewalk 2004 via midi

cables. My keyboard sales guy (brother-in-law)told me the best way to hook up was through the midi cables and not the comp cable. Now I am having trouble. From cakewalk to the kn is fien and playback is good but I can't record. It seems like some of the keys sustain forever and sometimes it records and sometimes it doesn't. I have the kn switched to midi in back. When I open a new project I use the normal setting insted of the midi only. I have tried the other settings and haven't gotten any results. I have a sound blaster PCI (?) card. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


#42698 - 10/24/03 08:30 PM Re: connecting kn6000 to cakewalk 2004 via midi
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Hi John,
unfortunately it's been way too many years since I've bothered recording via midi.
It sounds like you've got some sort of a midi loop happening.

I don't have cakewalk so I really can't be of much help.

Normally you have the midi OUT on p.c going to midi IN on keyboard and midi IN on p.c. to midi out on keyboard.

When recording from keyboard to computer you have to set the sync ( midi clock) in cakewalk to external.( ie it's waiting for you to press start & start playing) When playing back your song you set the sync in cakewalk to internal so that it will playback.

Unfortunately I'm not quite sure which settings to use in the kn itself, but when cakewalk sync is set to external, your keyboard sync would be set to internal and Vice Versa.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Normally on my kn7 I would record the song using the internal sequencer. Use the apc to midifile function and turn the song into a midifile. Then load it into one of my p.c sequencers for further editing ( or whatever)
Then I could resave the midifile ( with edits etc) and load it back into my kn7.
Saves having all the hassles of recording via midi cable.
If this method would work with what you're trying to achieve, let me know and I can give you more detailed intructions( your keyboard has to have apc to smf capabilities)

best wishes
best wishes

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#42699 - 11/04/03 01:36 PM Re: connecting kn6000 to cakewalk 2004 via midi

I got it solved. I have CW 2004, BIAB, KN6000, Yamaha AX-550 and Creative Extigy sound card FULLY FUNCTIONAL! YEEEHA! Since I didn't get much response here I spent a good time on the phone with the technics people. They were tons of help and even called me back when they thought of something for me to try. Cool.


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