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#385795 - 03/04/14 10:53 AM Re: OT - more health cr@p [Re: DonM]
Tom Cavanaugh Offline
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Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm sure you will be just fine.


#385809 - 03/04/14 01:10 PM Re: OT - more health cr@p [Re: Tom Cavanaugh]
john smies Offline
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Hi Don,

I am not a religious person but my thoughts are with you for a positive operation and a speedy full recovery .


#385810 - 03/04/14 01:25 PM Re: OT - more health cr@p [Re: DonM]
ianmcnll Offline
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Like John, I ain't religious either, Don, but you know that when I wish you a speedy recovery, I mean it from the get your heart back on the beat.

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#385816 - 03/04/14 02:36 PM Re: OT - more health cr@p [Re: PraiseTheLord]

God Bless at hope you can get thru this trying time. Lloyd

#385840 - 03/04/14 05:55 PM Re: OT - more health cr@p [Re: DonM]
Mark79100 Offline
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Don.......ain't nothin' gonna happen to you (is that the way they talk in Louisiana?). You see, we're not going to let anything to you 'cause you've become the group patriarch!


#385844 - 03/04/14 08:46 PM Re: OT - more health cr@p [Re: DonM]
DonM Offline
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Thanks everyone. Dr. rescheduled my procedure to Friday, so two days to wait now. He said to go to er if I have another problem before then.
Have to cancel Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
Please say prayers, cross fingers or think good thoughts.

#385846 - 03/04/14 08:59 PM Re: OT - more health cr@p [Re: DonM]
brickboo Offline
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I'm thinking of y'all friend, and want ya to be around for a long time.
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#385852 - 03/05/14 04:32 AM Re: OT - more health cr@p [Re: big741.1]
Keith W. Bailey Offline

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Don, I am still asking my God to touch your ailing body! I have confidence in Him and have a personal relationship with Christ. You are valuable to us, your wife and anyone who knows you! Have faith that God knows best for you!

#385854 - 03/05/14 05:32 AM Re: OT - more health cr@p [Re: DonM]
Beemer Offline

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Loc: Scotland

Here in Scotland I will be thinking of you on Friday.

I'm sure your surgeon is a good "arranger".

God bless,

Mozart was also a good arranger smile

#385858 - 03/05/14 07:28 AM Re: OT - more health cr@p [Re: DonM]
donpatt Offline

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Get well soon mi amigo! We're praying for ya!

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