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#38358 - 02/29/00 06:37 PM Burning Cakewalk Mixed Audio/MIDI to CD

This is a similar question to Jo's post. I am in the process of putting together some demos that I would like to record to audio CD's. I am using Cakewalk Guitar Studio to record a mix of keyboard MIDI parts (using GM voices) and digital audio parts (vocals, guitars, drum samples).

As fellow users of Cakewalk know, it does not store a project in a unified .WAV or MP3 format but in a Cakewalk bundle file, which can only be played on other computers with Cakewalk. The bundle file merely contains the MIDI data along with instructions about the location from which to pull the archived digital data.

My question is, is there a way to record playback from the computer "live" to a CD Burner (and regular audio CD) so that both the digital and midi parts will be captured? If so, what software is required and which CD burners (if any) include this software as a package deal?

On a related note, would like to spend $300.00 or less on a burner. Speed is a not big deal provided the audio fidelity on playback is good.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

#38359 - 03/10/00 09:11 AM Re: Burning Cakewalk Mixed Audio/MIDI to CD
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hi from jo...i haven't got any answers yet but what i'm attempting is using cakewalk with my midi and tryiny to find out how to get cakewalk to be my master and to sync with my 4 head video deck[which records great digital]for my vocal ,run them both thru a mixer into the cdrw...i'm planning to get a yamaha cdrw that goes into the cd slot in my computor [$300]and then run the mixer into the little mini jack in the back of the i progress i'll let you know .[ some recording studio's have used video recorders for masters ]i have recorded midi music and vocal onto it's amazing. i just need to find out how to hook things up and get cakewalk and vcr 4 head to play at the same time .it has to work because cakewalk is a program that is used for video production. [use svhs video tapes for best quality] if you find out how to get them to work together ..let me know. jo

#38360 - 03/10/00 04:27 PM Re: Burning Cakewalk Mixed Audio/MIDI to CD
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Hi Pete,
The way I do it once I am satisfied with the final mix;
Line out soundcard to external mixer
From external mixer to Line in soundard and record as pcm stereo wave file if I need sounds from my soundcard.

As I don't have a dat recorder I have to use the analoge line in, so usually there's some
(allthough not much) noise from the analoge line in of the soundcard, which I denoise with cooledit.

Lately I much more use multitrack software and only use external gear also the midi is coming from my keyboard which overall has much better sounds as the soundcard banks..

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