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#374109 - 11/03/13 03:00 AM Re: Audya style modelling... [Re: Henni]
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Originally Posted By: Henni
I dunno Bill,

To me the biggest plus the Audya has is to browse in different sections of any style, picking loops of my choice from the libraries. I've had numerous compliments from various sources telling me how live and realistic these sound.

But then maybe it's just my ears and me liking my Audya that much. I know of at least six or seven who purchased Audyas after listening to some of my uploads. Anyway, those uploaded files tell my story. At least over here in South Africa most who hear find it hard to believe that what they hear comes from a keyboard and they are not shy in saying so. Maybe in your part of the world the listeners are more sophisticated and hence your lack of being impressed. I always back my viewpoints with personal examples, unlike many other opinions over here. I am big enough to realize not everyone might be impressed by it. Why don't you upload some examples of you playing your Wersi highlighting it's outstanding capabilities so that we might also see the light?

I serously expected the T5 to move in this direction also. If not, one would have thought that it would also come with many new midi loops that could simply be browsed into different style sections.

Sorry to highlight this again, but Ketron is still lightyears ahead, even after all this time.

Cheers mate,


Hi Henni

Type VSTi into any search engine and browse what comes up, (Sound Wise) all of which I can load on-board my OAS 7 instrument, this is the reason I chose the Wersi as no other manufacture offers this. (Remember while I did play organ in the 80s I am more of a technician than a player and even the advanced Wersi's of the time became too limited hence I went over to pure software using Cubase etc. and didnt return until well into the 00s when Wersi introduced an instrument that allowed me to use software on-board (Early versions actually had Cubase on-board)
BTW the Wersi OAS instruments have had audio loops for the drums since they came out in 2000, so hardly anything new, however the audio side never really caught on due to its limited (Pre-set) capabilities. (When you have access to the sounds of VSTi (Which are used by professional film and music studios) you dont really need to bother with audio loops. (Although there are plenty of VSTi out there that has them)

Now if Ketron upgraded the Audyas old hardware and installed a VST Host then that would really prick my interest. (Particularly if they made sure it could continually be updated as the Wersi can)

Happy Playing

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#374122 - 11/03/13 09:46 AM Re: Audya style modelling... [Re: Henni]
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Henni... for starters 'something to the effect' isn't quoting me. Nor is what you have said I did say anything to do with the mix and match style editing feature. You seem to have completely missed the point of what I said and simply feel that you can put me down as against ANYTHING to do with the Audya. Nothing is further from the truth. To be frank, if you looked at my posts about the Audya with more than an agenda of finding out what I DON'T like about it, you would read about much that I DO like.

The arpeggiator, the different break/fills for each Variation, the triggered phrases, there's a whole bunch of things that are quite unique to Ketrons, and great features they are...

But, unfortunately, I don't like that you have to bury a sound in a mix before you can consider it authentic. I don't know about you, but exposed acoustic guitar is one of the mainstays of pop and country music, and same for the jazz guitar and jazz, etc.. If I had a Ketron, the fact that I couldn't bring it to the fore and play more than basic chords without strange artifacts coming in and out would frustrate me. If you are happy needing to bury it, that helps a lot! But I can think of dozens, if not hundreds of tunes that have the song start with exposed picking and a solo voice, then the band comes in, and that would be quite a problem for me.

In truth, almost ANY fault can be lessened if you bury it so far back you can't hear it. The fact is, for augmented and diminished and suspended chords, the entire pattern is MIDI only on a Ketron. If you don't use those, I guess you are good to go. Me, I tend to want these! And, as was asked earlier, if you can't tell the difference between a picking pattern for a major chord as a loop, and a diminished chord as a MIDI only, why bother with the loop at all? Fact is, OF COURSE you can hear it.

Unless you bury it.

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