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#367615 - 06/15/13 01:20 PM Re: Paint it Black - Latin rock style...Pax3 [Re: MattyB]
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Depends on your definition of 'slow'!

#367630 - 06/15/13 03:58 PM Re: Paint it Black - Latin rock style...Pax3 [Re: MattyB]
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Hi Matty,
I've just got the EC5, gives you the 5 pedals and you can assign what function you want to each of the pedals.
I've had mine for nearly 20 years and it's still working.
Bought it initially for my Korg i2. Ever so glad I didn't sell it along with the keyboard. Sat in the garage for over 10 years and got ressurected when I bought the PA800 4/5 years ago.

There probably are other options now, but it's listed amongst the optional extra's , so designed to work with it.

The pedal certainly makes it easier. Just check thru all the functions that can be assigned.

[quote=MattyB]Thanks everyone for watching.... smile

rikkisbears....No I dont have a pedeal board...this song actually was quite hard pressing buttons and keeping an eye on the sheet music haha..
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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