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#348909 - 08/10/12 11:13 PM Yamaha XF help needed
Fran Carango Offline
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A friend asked me to help him, but I have no hands on experience on the XF, other than listening to the sounds and trying the OS out a bit....I have zero interest in the instrument...but I will ask you guys if you can direct my friend....

He is having trouble getting the XF to play SMF's from the thumb drive(they don't show)..he says he formatted on the XF....I suggested he look to see if there are folders such as songs etc to load the SMF's..rather than just dumping into the root folder...

He also wanted to know how to load "Styles"...I told him I am sure they are arpeggios and not styles, but he is not experienced with the difference between "arranger" and "workstation".....or he would not have shelled out $2,400 on a XF smile....

He watched a you tube clip, where they showed a button push for a fill, and another for a variation etc..
I would love to explain to him the benefits of a good arranger instead of his XF...but how do you tell someone they made a mistake grin

If you guys can post the procedure to load and play SMF's and arpeggios (styles)...I will copy the procedure and send it to him....He lives in South Jersey, so I can not help him in person...and you guys can save me from reading the manual about something I will never play.. smile

#348911 - 08/10/12 11:29 PM Re: Yamaha XF help needed [Re: Fran Carango]
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Fran I would suggest he is looking at demos of Karma 3 which DOES have fills and endings and such...

To see the midi files he needs to put the Motif into pattern, or mix mode..

Direct him to this thread at Motifator:



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