One thing I found as a flaw in the SD1 is it doesn't work properly in regards to
volume control issues..For example there are some songs that fade in and out
with instruments by having the volume number slide up and down from 0 up to
whatever...63 is the highest output volume in the SD1. What happens a lot is
even songs that I just play without modifying do not o the volume changes
correctly and many times they play the sound too low or the volume simply
doesn't reach as high as it is programmed to do. This gets much more obvious if
you change a song, resave it and then play it again. The starting volume on the
track drops from whatever it was..for could start at "50" and then
on go to the track an it shows the starting volume as "37". resave
it again and it'll go even lower. Do it enough times and it'll show the starting
volume as zero. This has been annoying and in general
I have avoided some changes in songs until I'm about to play them because I can
alter them at the beginning without it changing the starting volumes that happen
after I save.

Does this make sense? I'm quite sure you guys know what I'm talking
about...anyway I'm wondering if this flaw has been revamped in the Audya.