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#334283 - 12/08/11 11:31 AM Re: Where to buy Audya? [Re: Tony Hughes]
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Hi Tony
It has been awhile, but it was early on when Rusty and Skude had problems along with others. It seems Rusty had an Audya4, and there were others. I would have to go back and search.

I downloaded the styles but noticed I already had some in the User Styles in the board. I am wondering which are additional and which are tweaked for the Audya.

Wheras I am always glad to get new styles, I am confused at this point, and have not gone any further.
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#334436 - 12/13/11 05:56 PM Re: Where to buy Audya? [Re: Bernie9]
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Yes, I was one of them and believe me I could write a long list of flaws that the Audya 4 came with--but I'm in recovery now and don't want to talk about it anymore !! lol.....


Originally Posted By: Bernie9
Several of the guys have or had 4's.

#334440 - 12/14/11 01:53 AM Re: Where to buy Audya? [Re: Tom Audya]
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Audya 4, Audya 5 and Audya 76 are all identical except for the multitabs on the 4 & 5 and slight changes in the OS to allow for different panel and MIDI layout. They use exactly the same internal parts and hard drive data. No one model is any more prone to problems than another. I was suprised to hear of Rusty's problem as so far we have not had a single faulty Audya 4 or 5 in the United Kingdom.

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