the T2 manual shows up a picture with the QY-700 sequencer connected to T2.
I thought that this setup would be interesting as the T2 is a very nice keyboard but the sequencer is very basic. I bought an used QY-700, hooked it up to T2 and managed to record one track from the Tyros on QY700, but I was not able to record the style from T2 and I thought I would be able to integrate perfectly the T2 with the QY-700; if not, it doesn't even make sense for Yamaha to show that picture on the T2 manual.

I tried to mess with the settings but got nowhere and this appear to be a much more complicated setup than I thought. Yamaha sucks for showing the darn picture there but not explaining how to make all the settings for the QY-700 and the T2.

Do any MIDI experts here know how to? Thanks

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