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#313874 - 01/25/11 11:36 AM Shipping Damage..drives me crazy..
Fran Carango Offline
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The buyer of my Technics KN2000 (mint), has informed me that there is shipping damage to the fact he stated it doesn't work...The KN2000 was shipping in a SKB case..It should have preserved the board....

On top of the damage notice..I also got an additional bill from UPS..because it was not wrapped in cardboard..they charged me another $8....... mad

I quess it was too much trouble using a carry handle on the SKB case...they rather carry a bulky box...

I asked the customer to send me verification of damage, but have not heard from him,,,yet..
Hopefully all will be worked out between the customer and UPS...The customer gave me a positive feedback, as I did I guess he know's it was UPS still drives me CRAZY!!!!

#313891 - 01/25/11 01:05 PM Re: Shipping Damage..drives me crazy.. [Re: Fran Carango]
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HI Fran,
I understand your pain. I shipped three keyboards in one shipment to the South East and one arrived ok, one damaged and one barely repairable. All packed and inspected by UPS Store.
there has to be a better way:(

#313892 - 01/25/11 01:07 PM Re: Shipping Damage..drives me crazy.. [Re: Fran Carango]
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The first two Audyas I received were both damaged by UPS. Both holes in the side where it looked as if it were rammed by a fork lift, but I'm just guessing.

#313901 - 01/25/11 03:21 PM Re: Shipping Damage..drives me crazy.. [Re: Fran Carango]
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Fran was the KB wrapped in bubble wrap INSIDE the SKB case and the SKB case in a box also...overkill is necessary at all times in this day and age of shipping.......I usually use a bed blanket to wrap units I ship and the bubble wrap then popcorn also......shipped an SD1 to Northern Scotland arrived safe and sound. No one like to have to refund & take a loss.

#313918 - 01/25/11 04:42 PM Re: Shipping Damage..drives me crazy.. [Re: Fran Carango]
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The first Bose L1 I received had a fork-lift hole through the box that held the base unit. The hole was through the box and the base unit. I refused to accept the box, called Bose and they sent me another one by Fedex the next day. It arrived without a scratch on the box. I no longer use UPS because of the many, many damage problems I've had with them in the the past. Seems as if everything seems to arrive in good condition with Fedex, and the cost is now about the same.

Gary cool
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#313938 - 01/25/11 06:02 PM Re: Shipping Damage..drives me crazy.. [Re: Fran Carango]
captain Russ Offline
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Spent $40,000.00 last year with UPS shipping training materials, displays, art flats, etc. internationally, without one late or damaged shipment. We sometimes fill up more than one truck a day. Been using UPS exclusively since 1988.

But, these aren't instruments and are mostly hard goods shipped in a custom made box.

I had two damaged incoming shipments of instruments to the warehouse last year; both shipped via Fed Ex. Both had been hit with a fork lift and torn into the goods.

Shipped a guitar to Donny and back last year-not a scratch.
Sorry you're having a problem, Fran....gotta be frustrating.
I even use UPS Next Day and guaranteed Saturday before 10:00 AM delivery at least 30 times a year, without a hitch...EVER!

Go figure.


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#313943 - 01/25/11 06:33 PM Re: Shipping Damage..drives me crazy.. [Re: Fran Carango]
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I bought a G70 a few years back from a SZ member, it was shipped in the Gator case and UPS packed it up for the shipper. When it arrived I discovered the LCD screen was damaged. The seller and I filed a claim with UPS. They did pay for all repair damages.

#314254 - 01/28/11 11:21 AM Re: Shipping Damage..drives me crazy.. [Re: Fran Carango]
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I do not use UPS anymore..ONLY Fed-X.
Lee S.
Lee S.


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