Just did a mini-Christmas cantata at church on Christmas day (30 minutes of music). Did the whole thing on the GW-7 + 2nd person on piano...worked out pretty well, as I only had 2 weeks to figure out the GW-7 which is newly purchased.

This worked great as opposed to using sequences, because sequences made our choir director nervous....everyone had to be perfect,. no room for mistakes. When using styles / performances, if a measure here or there is missed, it is very easy to accomadate that.

I used the existing styles for everything except for one song - the traditional Noel! Noel!, which was arranged in an African 3/4 style on the original CD. There is nothing close on the GW-7, so I made up my own style, (in Cakewalk's Sonar) and using the Roland Style Convertor, copied it onto the GW-7. Worked out pretty well - if anyone wants a copy of the style I would be happy to email it out...or if anyone knows where to post these things, let me know!

Future-wise, I intend to get some styles into the GW-7 with better acoustic guitar emulations, as I have a raft of Midi'd guitar files that I think might do better than the existing ones on the GW-7...