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#298444 - 11/05/10 05:08 AM Re: Yamaha Tyros 4 problems demonstrated on video
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The paths which initially failed to be retained in my case - but now OK. see above - were on the USB stick.


#298445 - 11/05/10 09:27 AM Re: Yamaha Tyros 4 problems demonstrated on video
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Originally posted by chony:
I guess I'm from the 2% who has an expensive $3500 paperweight sitting in my house...

For myself and many of my ethnic contacts around the world (Jewish, Turkish, Arabic, etc), the T4 is useless. We do not use the preset styles in the Yamaha and rely completely on its customization.

I'm not sure why you think a company should have more than a week to get back on what I believe are serious issues. And a couple of months to fix it? That's out of the question for me.

The way I look at it, I bought a faulty product. I am doing everything in my power to not have to burden Frank by returning this to him, but I simply cannot wait "months" for a fix. I'm not sure how you are doing financially, but I cannot afford to have two Tyros keyboards right now.

Many companies would love to have you as a customer. You are very fortunate to be able to claim that you could plonk down thousands of dollars for something you can't use, and be satisfied to wait months for a fix, and even praise them for the quick service... Unfortunately I'm not in that position. I either need a quick fix or my money back :-(

(For the record: I'd prefer the fix.)

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No Chony . You misunderstand me. I sympathise with your situation and appreciate that its a problem for you. Maybe even an insurmountable problem for you. But its a pretty specialised problem and it is totally unrealistic for you to think yamaha or any other maufacturer will fix this problem for you in a week. Especially as there maybe another few reports of other bugs to come in as more users start to get into the instrument. Thats just not realistic no matter how hopefull you may be. If the instrument is completely unplayable and if a couple of months is impractical for you to wait for the problem to be fixed , then the answer is send it back to frank , get your money back and buy what you had before or something else. Its not nice but its the only answer for you because no company will resolve a software or hardware problem that was only detected this week. Thats what i mean by saying get real. I wasnt trying to belittle your problem. sorry if it came accross that way mate.

#298446 - 11/05/10 10:11 AM Re: Yamaha Tyros 4 problems demonstrated on video
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Originally posted by kla4:
Another problem: The mic preamp and too low output level compared to the keyboard levels. After adjusting the MIC gain (no distortion) its volume cannot be set high enough, so the keyboard level faders need to be lowered to 80-90.... pretty annoying.
Unfortunately the 'two step' adjustment (both mic input and preamp output) was modified to a one-step configuration.... bad choise, unless an OS update can raise the mic preamp level with 10-15 dB's

Correction: The mic level can be raised with the help of the build-in Compressors and the problem is no problem anymore

Hi Roel

A nice relief to learn that the mic output level's no longer a problem.

Originally posted by kla4:

Did you order the T4?

Almost, but not quite yet. Though my old Tyros2 continues to deliver the goods 4 my music performance needs, I also realize it's time to seriously consider upgrade options. Having finally played it, I believe Yamaha's finally got it together live sound wise, especially drums & overall balance, but I first need to wait until Chony's problem is addressed & corrected by Yamaha Japan, because the style edit/save function is as important to me as Chony. The other thing that's keeping me on the sideline are the 'substantiated' rumors flying around that Korg's releasing a new TOTL arr soon. That could be a killer keyboard especially if it incorporates karma and/or M3 features.

Roel, are you still working with Wietse? It would be a treat to hear a song with you two recorded on your new Tyros4. Wishing you many musically productive years with T4! - Scott

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